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Aerodrome® 2.0 & Aerodrome® 1.1 Product Descriptions & Retail Price List

as of 1 January 2010

Rulesets and Charts

Aerodrome® 1.1 – WW1 Aerial Combat Game Ruleset – $15.00 each
Core Aerodrome® 1.1 ruleset reference. It contains the core rules, aircraft characteristics for the original 37 aircraft types, an aircraft introduction chronology chart, scenarios, optional rules and variants, a suggested set of campaign rules and a description of Aerodrome® 1.1 playing equipment. It also includes a copy of the Quick Reference Sheet and copies of Supplements #1 and #2. The three-page Supplement #1 expands the Aerodrome® 1.1 aircraft set to a total of 68 types and variants, giving aircraft characteristics for all (including some minor corrections to the original aircraft data), as well as providing a updated and expanded aircraft introduction chronology. The four-page Supplement #2 corrects and clarifies the Aerodrome® 1.1 antiaircraft rules.

Aerodrome® 1.1 Quick Reference Sheet (Version 2) – $3.00 each
This is a laminated, 8-1/2 x 11sheet. One side is a copy of the Critical Hit Table; the other side has two charts: a Maneuver Chart showing examples of the allowable Aerodrome® 1.1 maneuvers, and a second chart showing the permissible patterns of fire for the rear gunners of various two-seater aircraft. Now in Version 2 release, with better graphics, more information and an improved and more helpful layout!

Current owners of the Aerodrome® 1.1 ruleset may exchange their old (Version 1) Quick Reference sheets for copies of the new Version 2 Quick Reference Sheet; please contact Stanley F. Kubiak at the email address at the bottom of this page for more details.

Aerodrome® 2.0 – WW2 Aerial Combat Game Ruleset – $25.00 each (not yet available)
Core Aerodrome® 2.0 ruleset reference. It contains the core rules, aircraft characteristics for the major aircraft flown in WW2, as well as for numerous variants, scenarios, optional rules and variants, a suggested set of campaign rules. It also includes a copy of the Maneuver Reference Sheet and the Critical Hit Chart. Supplemental rules, additional aircraft types, and more optional rules and scenarios will be made available in a series of low-cost Supplements.

Aerodrome® 2.0 Maneuver Reference Sheet – $3.00 each (not yet available)
Laminated, two-sided 8-1/2 x 11 chart showing the aircraft maneuvers permissible in Aerodrome® 2.0.

Aerodrome® 2.0 Critical Hit Chart – $3.00 each (not yet available)
Laminated, two-sided 8-1/2 x 11 sheet with the Aerodrome® 2.0 Fighter Aircraft Critical Hit Chart on one side and the Aerodrome® 2.0 Bomber/Transport Aircraft Critical Hit Chart on the other.

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Wooden Control Panels

Wooden Control Panels and Wooden Rear Gunner Control Panels suitable for use with all Aerodrome® Aerial Combat Games (3.0, 2.0 and 1.1) are now available directly from the following manufacturer:

Cooper's Creations
2739 Northbourne Drive
Springfield OH 45506



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Flightstands and Flightstand Components

Aircraft Flightstand: 5” Base – $11.00 each; 2.5” Base – $9.00 each (Both flightstands $1 less without magnets)
Flightstands consist of three components: The Base is a clear plastic hexagon, with a counterdrilled center hole to accept the screw-on antenna. The larger, 5” bases are best used for 1/72 scale, 1/100 scale and large 1/144 scale models; the smaller, 2.5” bases can be used for 1/144 scale and smaller models. The Antenna is a standardized, 5-segment telescoping antenna of the appropriate length for use with Aerodrome® 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1 that attaches to the clear plastic base (or some other type of base if the purchaser wishes).

The Flightstand includes two small rare earth Magnets to use in attaching aircraft to the Flightstand for play (one to be superglued on top of the antenna, the other to the bottom of the aircraft model).

Flightstands are available with one of three different magnet sizes: standard Aerodrome® 5mm (0.2”) diameter magnets; 1/8” (0.125”) diameter magnets suitable for smaller 1/144 and 1/300 scale aircraft; or 1/4” (0.25”) diameter magnets suitable for larger, heavier aircraft models (please specify magnet size when ordering)

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Flightstand Components

5-segment Aerodrome® Antennas: $7.00 each with magnets; $6.00 each without magnets

Clear plastic bases:                         5” base $5.00 each; 2.5” base $2.50 each

Rare earth magnets: 10 (5 pair):     5mm (0.2”) – $5.00
                                                       1/8” inch (0.125”) – $5.00
                                                       1/4” inch (0.25”)– $5.00
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Playing Mats

Aerodrome® 1.1/2.0 Playing Mat – NOW AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES! Full color, high resolution tabletop playing surfaces for Aerodrome® 1.1 (can be used to represent certain Aerodrome® 2.0 battlefields), with a hexagonal grid for movement, printed on a tear-resistant vinyl-like material. Beautifully detailed and reproduced from original artwork, the mat depicts a WW1 battlefield, consisting of two opposing trench lines with No Man’s Land between, fading off to countryside at each end. The hex grid is unobtrusive enough to allow the mat to be used for other gaming purposes, e.g., 1/285 scale armor games.

The Quarter Size mat makes a suitable playing surface for board-type air combat and ground combat games.

Full Size Mat: 4’ x 6’, with 5” hexes (side to side), for 1/72, 1/100 (15mm), 1/144 and smaller aircraft models $125.00

Half Size Mat: 2’ x 3’, with 2.5” hexes (side to side), for 1/144, 1/200, 1/285 and 1/300 aircraft models $ 40.00

Quarter Size Mat: 1’ x 1.5’, with 1.25” hexes (side to side), for 1/285 and 1/300 aircraft models, and boardgames $ 15.00

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Other Products

Laminated 8-1/2 x 11 Color Control Panel – $5.00 each, or 6 for $25.00
Laminated 8-1/2 x 11 Color Control Panels provide a less expensive alternative to Aerodrome® Wooden Control Panels. Each panel has a full-color graphic representation of an Aerodrome® 1.1 Wooden Control Panel, with a blue-sky-and-clouds background. Plastic laminated, they are erasable when used with dry erase markers. Players can mark their maneuvers, altitude, machine gun fire and ammunition usage on the panel, making the appropriate erasures and changes each turn.

Aerodrome® 2.0 has been specifically designed to be compatible with the Aerodrome® 1.1 control panel, so these Laminated Control Panels will work for both games!

D16 (sixteen-sided) Die – $2.00 each (inked), or $1.50 each (not inked)
Certain aircraft in Aerodrome® 2.0 require a D16 die for use in computing combat results. D16’s are hard to find, and can be very expensive. These reasonably-priced D16’s come with the numbers inked in (by hand, hence the higher price) or not (they can be inked in by the purchaser using a fine-point permanent marker).

Aerodrome® 1.1 DataCards – Allied Complete Set $15.00 each; Central Powers Complete Set $15.00 each
Aerodrome® 1.1 Aircraft DataCards are quick reference cards for aircraft characteristics, extremely useful during play. Each laminated, 3x5 card is double-sided, containing data for two aircraft or variants; 34 different DataCards are available (17 Allied Powers and 17 Central Powers), covering all 68 aircraft types. Cards are available in complete sets, but can also be purchased individually (please inquire).

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