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Aerodrome® 1.1 - World War I Aerial Combat Game


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Model Aircraft for Aerodrome® 1.1 - 1/72nd Scale Models


Aerodrome® 1.1 is a ruleset that can be played in any scale. It is most often played with 1/72nd scale models, but as long as the model aircraft used for a game are of similar scale, other scales will work as well. This page is intended to be a guide to what types of model aircraft may be available in 1/72nd scale and where they can be obtained. Availability of aircraft models in other scales is discussed in other pages, accessible through the Navigation Bar at the left.

This page is under construction and will be completed soon.



1/72nd Scale WW1 Aircraft Models

Where To Buy 1/72nd Scale WW1 Models

Current Production WW1 Models

Out-of-Production WW1 Models




Where To Buy 1/72nd Scale WW1 Aircraft Models

Over-the-Counter Retail Stores
Many hobby and some toy stores carry a selection of WW1 model aircraft, although the selection is usually small relative to the number of WW2 aircraft or other models carried. However, most hobby stores can special-order at least some of the current production WW1 aircraft models available.

Online and Mail Order
Online and mail order retailers can be a great source for a wide selection of WW1 aircraft model kits, and at discounted prices, too! Here are links to some online retailers:

Note: None of the retailers listed have any association with Aerodrome® 1.1; the listing is provided for the convenience of site visitors, to be used at their own discretion and risk, and does not constitute an endorsement of the firm or its ability to provide specific - or any - WW1 model aircraft.


In addition to online sales, Squadron also does mail order and issues by subscription a monthly sale flyer with discounted prices on a substantial number of model kits of all kinds, frequently including WW1 aircraft model kits.

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Current Production 1/72nd Scale WW1 Aircraft Models


Here is a list, by aircraft type and manufacturer, of 1/72nd scale kits that are currently, or at least have recently been, available. These are all plastic, injection-molded kits; vacuum-formed kits have not been listed, as assembly of that type of kit is difficult for any but very experienced modelers. Finally, an asterisk (*) denotes a kit that is normally relatively expensive (above $10 retail), unless found at a substantial discount.

  • Airco DH-2, Pegasus*
  • Airco DH-5, Pegasus*
  • Albatros CIII, Pegasus*
  • Albatros DI, Roden
  • Albatros DI/DII, Pegasus*
  • Albatros DII, Roden
  • Albatros DIII, Pegasus*
  • Albatros DIII (several variants), Roden
  • Albatros DV, Eduard
  • Albatros DVa, Eduard
  • Albatros DV/DVa, Roden
  • Aviatik Berg DI, Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Bristol F2B, Pegasus*
  • Bristol F2B, Roden
  • Bristol Scout D, Aeroclub*
  • DeHavilland DH-4, Pegasus*
  • Fokker Dr.1, Eduard
  • Fokker Dr.1, Revell Germany
  • Fokker Dr.1, Roden
  • Fokker DVI, Aeroclub
  • Fokker DVI, Roden
  • Fokker DVII, MAC Models* (several variants)
  • Fokker DVII, Revell Germany
  • Fokker DVII (several variants), Roden
  • Fokker EIII, Eduard
  • Fokker EIV, Eduard
  • Fokker IV, MAC Models*
  • Fokker EV/DVIII, Roden
  • Halberstadt DII, Pegasus*
  • Hansa-Brandenburg D1, Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Junkers CL-1 (J.10), Pegasus*
  • Junkers DI, Roden
  • Junkers JI, Eduard*
  • Nieuport 11 Bebe, Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Pfalz Dr.1, High Planes*
  • Pfalz DIII, MAC Models*
  • Pfalz DIII, Roden
  • Pfalz DIIIa, MAC Models*
  • Pfalz DIIIa, Roden
  • Pfalz DXII< Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Pfalz DXII, Toko (reissue)
  • Phonix D.I, Pegasus*
  • RAF Be2e, Pegasus*
  • RAF SE5, Pegasus*
  • RAF SE5a, Roden
  • Roland DVIa, MAC Models*
  • Roland DVIb, MAC Models*
  • Siemens-Schukert DIII/DIV (reissued Toko kit)
  • Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, Eastern Express (several variants; reissued Toko kits)
  • Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, Toko (reissue; markings for several aircraft, including German captured)
  • Sopwith Camel, Academy
  • Sopwith Camel 2F1 (naval), Roden
  • Sopwith Snipe, Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Sopwith Salamander TF2, Eastern Express (reissued Toko kit)
  • Sopwith Salamander TF2, Toko
  • SPAD VII C1, Pegasus*
  • SPAD XIII, Academy
  • SPAD XIII, Eduard*
  • Vickers FB5 "Gun Bus", Pegasus*

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Out-of-Production 1/72nd Scale WW1 Aircraft Models


Many 1/72nd scale kits have been produced over the years that are now out of production; some of the particular aircraft types cannot be found among current production models. In some cases, these out-of-production (OOP) kits may be found from dealers that specialize in old, OOP, rare and collectible kits; but they are likely to be expensive and, in some cases, very expensive. Here is a partial list of some of the plastic kits that were once available and now range from hard to impossible to find:

  • Albatross DV, Revell
  • Albatross DVa, Airfix
  • Airco DH-2, Revell
  • Airco DH-4, Airfix
  • Bristol Scout, Pegasus
  • Fokker DVII, ESCI
  • Hannover CLIIIa, Airfix
  • Hanriot HD1, Pegasus
  • Morane-Saulnier L, Revell
  • Morane-Saulnier N, Revell
  • Nieuport 17, Airfix
  • Nieuport 28, Revell
  • RAF RE8, Airfix
  • RAF SE5a, Revell
  • Roland CII, Airfix
  • Roland DVIb, Pegasus
  • Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, Airfix
  • Sopwith Camel, ESCI
  • Sopwith Dolphin, Pegasus
  • Sopwith Pup, Airfix
  • Sopwith Triplane, Revell
  • SPAD VII, Airfix

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