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Aerodrome® 1.1 - World War I Aerial Combat Game


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AerodromeŽ 1 Complete Sets

In order to satisfy numerous requests for complete sets of Aerodrome® 1.1 equipment, a limited number of such sets are now available, in 1/144 scale only. These sets are small enough to be played on a typical household table, since they use the 2’x3’ half-size Aerodrome® mat. Everything needed to play is included, and the total cost is discountedfrom the price of the individual components.

Please note that the prices of these sets have increased due to the increase in the "market price" of the Wings of War aircraft supplied with them. Wings of War has essentially ceased production, and the value of the models has risen, in some cases, to multiples of their original retail price. The prices for the sets below are predicated on the sets being supplied with "plain vanilla" Wings of War models, i.e., models whose price remains close to original retail. Other Wings of War models are available, but inclusion in a set may substantially increase the cost of the set. 

For more information or pricing, or to order an Aerodrome® 1.1 Complete Set, please contact aerodromeinfo@gmail.com

Basic Aerodrome® 1.1 1/144 Scale Player Set for 6 Players

Each 6-player set consists of the following components:

  • 1 x Aerodrome® 1.1 Ruleset
  • 6 x Aerodrome® 1.1 Quick Reference Sheets
  • 6 x Aerodrome® Color Laminated Control Panels (for use with dry-erase markers)
  • 6 x Wings of War (Fantasy Flight Games) WW1 aircraft models (prebuilt, prepainted: 3 Allied, 3 Central Powers)
  • 6 x individual Aerodrome® 1.1 Datacards (matching the 6 Wings of War aircraft models)
  • 6 x Aerodrome® Flightstands (2.5" hex bases, with rare earth magnets for attachment to the Flightstand antennas and to the aircraft models)
  • 1 x Half-size Aerodrome® Playing Mat (2'x3', with 2.5" hexes)
  • Dice: 6 x D10, 6 x D2

The quantity of Quick Reference Sheets, Color Laminated Control Panels, aircraft models, Flightstands and dice are adjusted appropriately in each of the following sets:

Basic Aerodrome® 1.1 1/144 Scale Player Set for 12 Players

Basic Aerodrome® 1.1 1/144 Scale Player Set for 8 Players

Basic Aerodrome® 1.1 1/144 Scale Player Set for 4 Players


Note that a small amount of assembly is required, e.g., supergluing magnets to Flightstands and to aircraft models.

Where possible, as requested by the purchaser of the set, we will attempt to supply specific aircraft models; this is intended to allow the purchaser to avoid acquiring additional models that would duplicate ones already owned by the purchaser. However, as noted above, this may substantially change the price of the set.

"Customizations" of the Player Set are possible (to add players, add aircraft, drop the Laminated Panels if you prefer to order Wooden ones, etc.), for appropriate changes in price. Please contact aerodromeinfo@gmail.com for more information.



For more information about Aerodrome® Aerial Combat Games, please email: aerodromeinfo@gmail.com

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