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1:144 Scale Models for Aerodrome® 2.0/3.0 Available for Purchase  

An extensive selection of 1:144 scale model aircraft for playing Aerodrome® 2.0 (and in some cases Aerodrome® 3.0) are available through the new Aerodrome® Aerial Combat Games store on eBay,as well as other models, Aerodrome® rules and playing equipment (soon) and other air combat-related merchandise. Many of the models offered have been out of production for some time. The Aerodrome® Aerial Combat Games eBay store offers a great opportunity to pick up a wide variety of models for play. Click here to visit ther store.

 Aerodrome® 3.0 Korean War-era Aerial Combat Ruleset in Final Stages of Preparation 

The Aerodrome® 3.0 Korean War-era Aerial Combat game ruleset will be available soon. The game plays much like Aerodrome® 2.0, but covers aerial combat from the end of WW2 up to the advent of earlier air-to-air missiles (around 1958), with specific ruloes and features for early jet air combat. Rules and aircraft stats will allow players to game the Korean War, the early Arab-Israeli and India-Pakistan conflicts, etc. And, of course, the game has been designed in a way that allows it to be played using the same Aerodrome®-style Wooden Control Panels that are used for both Aerodrome® 1.1 and Aerodrome® 2.0. An Aerodrome 3.0 website with more information is in progress.


Aerodrome® 2.0 World War 2 Aerial Combat Ruleset Available 

The Aerodrome® 2.0 ruleset has been released and is now available. Although both the maneuvers and combat mechanics are different than in Aerodrome® 1.1, it still remains easy to learn, easy to play and lots of fun. In addition to simply dogfighting, the rules allow for air-naval combat, level-bombing, dive-bombing, torpedo bombing, antiaircraft fire, and much more. Rules and aircraft stats allow players to game not only World War 2, but other pre-WW2 conflicts, such as the Spanish Civil War, the Russo-Finnish War, the Sino-Chinese War (think Flying Tigers) and more.

If you like Aerodrome® 1.1, you will love Aerodrome® 2.0. A separate website with more information is coming soon.


New Supplier For Aerodrome® 1.1 Wooden Control Panels

Aerodrome® 1.1 Wooden Control Panels and Rear Gunner Control Panels are now being produced by and may be ordered directly from Cooper's Creations, 2739 Northbourne Drive, Springfield OH 45506; email (url at the right). You can also check with your local Aerodrome® equipment supplier to see if they are carrying Cooper's panels.


New Aerodrome® 1.1 Quick Reference Sheet Available

Version 2 of the Aerodrome® 1.1 Quick Reference Sheet is now available, with better graphics, more information and an improved and more helpful layout! The new QRS is available for sale, and is available free (except for postage, if mailed) to current owners of the Aerodrome® 1.1 ruleset who turn in their old QRS in exchange.

Details concerning exchanging old QRS's for new ones can be found on the Playing Equipment page in the Quick Reference Sheet information.

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