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Aerodrome® 1.1 - World War I Aerial Combat Game


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Model Aircraft for Aerodrome® 1.1 - Diecast Metal Models

Aerodrome® 1.1 is a ruleset that can be played in any scale. It is most often played with 1/72 scale models, but as long as the model aircraft used for a game are of similar scale, other scales will work as well. This page is intended to be a guide to what types of model aircraft may be available, already built and painted, in diecast metal in various scales, and where they can be obtained. Availability of aircraft models in other scales is discussed in other pages, accessible through the Navigation Bar at the left.
This page is under construction and will be completed soon.

Model Power Diecast Metal WW1 Aircraft Models


Don't want to build and paint your own WW1 aircraft? Looking for something already built and painted at a reasonable price? A company called Model Power produces a line (called Postage Stamp Planes) of relatively inexpensive, high-quality diecast model aircraft of all eras; they come fully assembled, painted and decaled. Although Model Power does not produce their models to a consistent scale (the scale of Postage Stamp Plane models varies, by plane, from about 1/200 scale to about 1/48 scale), they do produce several WW1 aircraft models in the same scale - or close enough - so that you can use them together without gross visual inconsistency. Two of their WW1 models are 1/70 scale; close enough to 1/72 to use them at any standard Aerodrome® 1.1 game!

The only potential issue with using these models to play Aerodrome® 1.1 is their weight. Diecast metal models of this size are substantially heavier than 1/72 scale plastic models and tend to be top-heavy when set at the higher levels of Aerodrome® Flightstands.

Model Power aircraft models can be found at many hobby and toy stores and at online diecast dealers; they can also be ordered directly from the Model Power (www.modelpower.com) website. Some of the aircraft models that are or have been available are as follows:

  • Fokker DVII  (1/70th scale, Item #5332)
  • Fokker Dr.1 Red Baron  (1/63rd scale, Item #5349)
  • Fokker Dr.1 Kempf  (1/63rd scale, Item #5349-2)
  • Sopwith Camel  (1/63rd scale, Item #5350-1)
  • Nieuport 28  (1/64th scale, Item #5395)
  • Albatros DIII  (1/70th scale, Item #5405)



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